Baby bed Scandi

Our Scandi furniture collection is made of wood. It has been carefully designed to combine beautiful design with comfort in use. All elements match perfectly together and create a consistent room. With Scandi furniture you can arrange room for children in any age. Wide range of colors to choose from makes them universal.

Baby bed Scandi looks great and will be a unique element of the small man's room! It has facilities for parents and children: two levels to installation the mattress base 60x120 cm and the possibility of removing the bed wall and replacing it with a special barrier (additional option).

This furniture is made of wood and plywood (there is no MDF or laminated chipboard elements).

This furniture can be painted in several colours - for individual customer's decision. The baby bed from the picture is in natural wood + light gray.

Please contact us to specify details:

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width 66.5 cm
height 91 cm
length 135 cm
color to choose
material alder wood + natural alder plywood

Additional info

Colours to choose from:

  • natural wood (organic colorless varnish)
  • white
  • mint (NCS 1015-B80G)
  • light pink (NCS S 0505-R30B)
  • medium pink (NCS 0510-R30B)
  • light blue (NSC S 0515-R80B)
  • medium blue (NSC S 1040-R90B)
  • blue (RAL 5012)
  • navy blue (RAL 5000)
  • red (RAL 3020)
  • light gray (RAL 7035)
  • medium gray (NSC 4010-R70B)
  • anthracite (RAL 7031)

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